Letter from the Office of the Superintendent



As a parent myself, I share with you concerns over what we are seeing in schools in our country today. There have been eighteen school shootings since January. My heart is broken, and my prayers go to all the families impacted by these tragedies.


Today, I am writing to tell you we are committed to keeping your children safe in our possession. We have upgraded campus security measures and have a close relationship with police officers in the surrounding counties. Our safety procedures are continually being revised, and training is ongoing. However, there is more to security than alarms and glass panes.


I am encouraged by the story I heard of the grandmother who called police after she found her grandson’s diary. I am also encouraged by the stories of friends and family reporting behaviors of concern to teachers, parents, friends, or clergy that stops another violent act. Please advise your children to report any behaviors of concern. If in doubt, report.


We thank you for trusting us with your children. We value every one of them. Our priority is their safety. We will continue to do everything in our power to keep our students and staff safe. If you have any questions or thoughts, please contact me at rjolly@crandall-isd.net or call at 972-427-6000.






Robert Jolly, Ed.D.

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