2nd Annual Multicultural Festival at Martin Elementary

Martin Elementary hosted their 2nd annual Multicultural Festival on Thursday, October 19, 2017.

The festival gives the Martin Elementary students, grades Pre-K through 6th grade, the opportunity to learn about new countries and cultures, and experience other ways of life.

The festival, headed up by Assitant Principal Kimtesha Strange, is designed to incorporate pride in the different cultures represented in our district.  “We do this so that students become more familiar with other cultures, and so that students are more comfortable with their own culture and are not ashamed to show who they are,” said Mrs. Strange.

This year, the Festival, incorporated performances from students and staff that personified other cultures.  There was a fantastic rendition of “This land is your land,” by one of the Pre-K classes, and a group of older students performed a traditional Norweigan Folk Dance.  A fan favorite was a Cuban dance performed by Instructional Coach Alek Turner, and her father, a native of Cuba.

The festival was incredibly well done, and a great representation of the different CommUNITY members that we serve in CISD.  We look forward to the next Martin Multicultural Festival in 2018.

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