Combine man recognized by NBC for contributions to FFA

Local Combine resident, an avid supporter of the Crandall ISD chapter of the FFA, Bill Harrell, was gifted an FFA jacket last month for his 80th birthday, 66 years after being active in his own FFA chapter in High School.

Bill was never able to purchase his own FFA jacket while in school in Wolfe City, Texas, but he became a patron of the FFA in adulthood and has actively supported the Crandall chapter.  Bill’s son Rick (a Crandall ISD school board member) and his three grandsons, all proudly wear FFA jackets that they have due to Bill’s generosity and patronage.

The Dallas affiliate of NBC got a hold of this story after it went viral.  You can check out the original story here: Bill Harrell, FFA.

NBC ran Bill’s story as part of their “Texas Connects Us,” feature on Monday, September 18, 2017.  We are proud of Bill, his family’s contributions to our community, and the incredible FFA program that we have, here in Crandall ISD

Bill Harrell NBC story

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