New Blog, New Podcast!

We are trying something new this year in Crandall ISD.  In an age where media moves fast, we want you, our communities within CISD, to have a central place where you can go for trusted news and celebrations within our district.  Thus, Crandall Voices was born.  

Crandall Voices will be our central newsroom for CISD and will focus on bringing you the stories you want to hear and need to know in all forms, written, visual and audio.

On that note; Crandall ISD is incredibly excited to launch a podcast channel this year on

We at Crandall are committed to finding new ways and new mediums in which to connect with our diverse communities.  We hope you’ll subscribe to our podcast channel.  Postings will be on an irregular basis – as timely topics come up in the district, and we will always cross promote on our website and on social media.

Our first podcast is a sit-down with Dr. Robert Jolly, Superintendent of Schools, for an update on construction from our successful Bond campaign in May, as well as a brief reminder of how schools are funded.

There will be a follow-up Town Hall on September 12, 2017, at 6:30 in the Raynes Board room with more information about this 5th Elementary School, Bond funds, and general 2017-2018 school year information.  Please RSVP to Public Relations Director, Erin McCann, if you’d like to come.


CISD 5th Elementary SChool

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